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It's All in the Family.

A visitor on Wimpole Street takes a gentle physician on an eye-opening adventure.

When Death closes a door, Revenge opens another.

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Zoë's Next Adventure: Book 7!


It’s All In The Family.

SERAPHIM is here! As of this posting it’s only available in ebook, but the print should be available soon. This is the first of three Zoë books I promised for this year when I realized I was going to miss publication in 2013. I’m happy with this one, and I hope the readers will be too.

Next up, though not necessarily the next book published, but the next Zoë book for this year, will be ADVENT. ADVENT was originally meant to be the last of the series. Was. Now book 8 heralds a new era for Zoë…and if you’ve already read SERAPHIM…you know what I’m talking about.  ;)

Seraphim is available:

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Got a New Poll over on the right...

for a new Vampire Series. If you’ve followed the blog and the website, you’ve seen a book cover for the upcoming STRANGE BEHAVIOR. What I’m looking for is a series title.

A series title is that tag line you see on a cover or a spine that lets you know the book is part of a series. Like the Zoë the books have the tag A Zoë Martinique Investigation. The Dags books say A Grimoire Chronicle. 

I’ve asked my Beta Readers the same question and have gotten some surprising answers. Now I’m interested to see what readers think!

The poll ends this Thursday, March 27th! Voting is anonymous. I have no idea who votes what. 

Update: Thanks for those of you who voted! It was an…interesting outcome. I’ll post up the chosen name here when the books are available.

Thanks Again! 

Finding Our Path

2014-03-21 12.49.54I was going to write up a post about finding a path, on understanding why we write. Why I write. Because it’s not for the accolades or the best sellers, but for my personal passion.

But then I read JC Andrijeski’s blog and this post pretty much said it best for me. If you’ve never read Julie’s work, I recommend it. And I recommend the posts she quotes during her review of the same fears, worries, and issues that I think plagues all writers, old and new, from veterans to beginners, trad and indie.

Others as referred to by Julie:

Stay On The Path
Success Starts With Passion

Free Fiction for St. Patrick's Day!

A few years ago, I wrote a short story called GAZE OF INTENT. I published it under a pen name and it was pretty well received. But due to life, I never carved out the time to sit and outline the sequel, the full novel, to Padraig Donaghue’s story. I’m happy to announce that time has now been carved and the novel is under way.

wattpad iconI decided to try something different on this book and post it chapter by chapter on Wattpad. If  you haven’t tried this free fiction social media site (and it is social media) hit the WATTPAD logo and look into it. Writers post up their work on Wattpad, usually a chapter or section at a time and readers give feedback. Some actually move on to professionally publish their finished pieces for sale, but keep parts of it available on Wattpad. You can read writers such as Brandon Sanderson and Kevin J Anderson on the site.

I’ve uploaded GAZE OF INTENT in its entirety, free to read on Wattpad. Click the link below to head over there. They have apps to read fiction on portable devices. And as of today, I’ve uploaded the first chapter of ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT, the sequel / full novel in the continuing saga of the half Leprechaun, half Elven prince, Padraig Donaghue. I’m very excited to try this method out and see what happens. Once the novel is finished, I will have it edited and made available where ebooks are sold. Print will come after that.

Gaze Of Intent small


Padraig Donaghue, half-leprechaun, half-elven son of the King of Leprechauns, needs a wish granted—to save the woman he loves from dying of cancer. But the only way to gain a wish is to find a pot of gold and take a piece of it before the sun touches it and turns it into coal. He may be a leprechaun by birth, but he’s allergic to drink, can’t save a nickel, and has never owned a pot of gold (much less found the end of a rainbow).

Trading favors with the Morrigan, Padraig has to steal a piece of gold from his own father’s stash—and if he’s caught—he’ll spend the rest of eternity buried alive beneath the earth and his fiancee would die believing he’d abandoned her.



Ill Met By Moonlight web

Three years have passed since Padraig Donaghue gave up his freedom to serve the Morrigan to save the life of the woman he loved. And in those years he’s kept his distance, doing as the Old Crowe commanded. He reaps those foolish enough, like himself, to ask advice of the Morrigan but fail to pay their price.

But now he believes she’s gone too far, ordering him to reap the life of a young woman whose question was asked in the lyrics of a song. Was the Old Crowe so desparate for souls that her depths of deception have slipped farther than the gates of the Slaugh?

When Padraig helps instead of reaps the young woman in hopes of saving her soul, he’s taken and punished. He hears his captors talk of Mac Cully, once the King of the Tuatha de Danann, but now nothing more than the Old Crowe’s henchman, whose found the young runaway and plans her capture.

Padraig escapes, but at a price that takes from him everything he’s ever known. And the one woman who can bring his life back to him in time to save the girl’s life is the one that holds his heart.