Seraphim Update

When I first came up with the idea of the Zoë Martinique Investigation Series, I saw it as 8 books with a very clear arc. And up until October of this year, I was on track with that arc. Until I started writing Mysterious Times, book one in The Eldritch Files (TEF). 26K into that book, a new idea for a Zoë book blossomed with a cross over into Samantha’s world. 33K words done, and another Zoë book popped up like a kitten wanting attention, one that could weave in more of Dags and Mike from The Grimoire Chronicles (TET)

I put writing these books on hold while I wrote new words on a NaNoWriMo book and with the help of white boards, officially made the decision not to end the Zoë books. Not yet. I felt a great weight had been lifted at that moment—only to be returned twice as heavy when I realized the enormity of sustaining a series character beyond 8 books.

I needed to rethink the directions of Seraphim and Advent. IE, rework what would have been a series end. What happens now is one of those writer choices. It’s called a Yes, but…

So in fixing The End to Yes, but… I hit a few bumps along the way. Bumps being…how in the hell do I get her out of this?! And then the inevitable Yikes! I found when handing Seraphim in pieces to the Beta Team. In fact, I’ve sort of left them hanging because their comments revealed a HUGE awesome way to move forward. Because of that idea, I started on Advent at the same time, Peter Jackson style by writing all the books at once.

What this means is though there won’t be a Zoë book this year, SeraphimMysterious Times (TET) and Advent will be released fairly close to one another in the beginning of 2014 (meaning March at the latest). I’ll be posting this on my blog, along with updates as I go. I want to wrap up some plot threads and explore others. And I really want the books to mingle inside the Zoë Universe.

I could release Seraphim now, but I wouldn’t be happy with it. And I know you wouldn’t be happy either. I want to make sure it’s the best it can be, and that it sticks true to the world and to Zoë’s new future. I want readers to be happy because that’s who I write for.


Seraphim is on its way and it’s bringing 2 more books with it back to back.

I want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the series, and for your faith that Zoë will continue. I appreciate you all so much!

Have a Happy Holiday and Glorious New Year!
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  1. Merry Christmas from Greer SC!!

  2. 3 more books!? How could we NOT be Ok with waiting?! *grin* 2014 is going to ROCK MY SOCKS thanks to you =o) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year <3

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